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Sins of the Fathers

Episode 12 now posted!

This site may feature adult storylines, language, and situations that are unsuitable for some. Please use your own discretion.

This is Carmine Falls, an out of the way spot that is home to a few notable families, and to two dueling patriachs, Clayton of the Montgomerys and Luc of the Sidaruses. The Montgomerys have long maintained their financial stability and moral family name. The Sidaruses have long veiled an elaborate crime operation with their European sensibilities and tight, secretive nature. The Bevinses are left to moderate the ongoing struggles that threaten to destroy the peaceful world of Carmine Falls.

This is an online series of crime, passion, love, and loss. Join us as the characters confront long-hidden secrets, as destructive and unstoppable as the falls themselves.

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Last Updated:
November 9, 2001

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Daniel Ivy and Irene Thornhill

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Carmine Falls

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